Welcome to Tinkering Activity Center!

Children are born with great potential, but how we nurture them makes a world of difference in their confidence and capabilities. At Tinkering, our work is to ignite the child’s mind with play, build character with creativity, and encourage teamwork with community. For the first time in Gurgaon, Tinkering Activity center introduces the internationally accepted STEM system of learning brought to life with a unique way of “learning from play” that puts the “child-first” in all areas of our curriculum.
We believe in providing a unique, interactive and inclusive environment that develops, encourages and inspires each child. An new-age activity center as unique as your child. This includes play-based, stimulating art and craft activities and site-based learning that is centered on your child’s potential.

Connecting Learning With Play

Tinkering aims to inspire a childhood of learning through innovative programs that allow children to learn a dynamic environment,via play-based learning and discovery. Children when given the opportunity to explore and discover at their own pace, develop as a”whole” - mind, body and socially.


Our mission is to create a positive learning environment, designed to meet physical, cognitive, emotional, social, language development of children and help them develop a strong foundation to succeed.


Nurturing young minds towards a holistic development.

Life @Tinkering

Unlike other places, children at Tinkering will be in an unstructured environment that allows the child to build independence, values and focus on their strengths to nurture his or her growth. Most importantly, they will be mingling in social groups and interactive games that build a community of learners’. Tinkering provides appropriate activities and materials to support each child's growth and capabilities.

  • Individual attention with student-ratio of 12:2
  • Games and activities that guide curiosity, interests and promotes their active involvement
  • Environment is be responsive, engaging, open and unhurried
  • Active and goal oriented process structures in problem solving, role playing.
  • Your child is in a safe and protected environment at all times

We invite you to explore the unique, stimulating environment at Tinkering Activity Center. Learn about our teaching practices, and the benefits to your child, and experience Tinkering’s programs.
About Us
Let me share a little known fact – all young children are natural-born scientists and engineers. So we decided to create a space where children can “experience” the learning and have a multisensory, interactive approach paving the way for their future. A study conducted at the MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, found that children who learned in an “unstructured environment” or learning by play were better developed compared to those who learnt by direction.
We invite you to explore the unique, stimulating environment at Tinkering Activity Center, where we put your children’s interest above all others. Join us for an open house on Tinkering’s programs.

Tinkering Activities

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Make, Do & Be

Our activities are designed for children to explore (Make), experiment (Do) and have fun (Be) as they develop fine motor skills and social and emotional interactions.

child after school activities

Exploring Language and Cognitive

At Tinkering we host story time activities at our Reading corner, a research based systematic and structured approach to teach reading. Building a strong foundation for reading with fluency and comprehension to make reading a fun joyful experience for children so they enhance language and motor skills.

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Exploring The World

Children are most aware of their surroundings and environment. We allow them to observe, question and engage in the world around them and learn with gardening kitchen, sand plays and more...

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Art and Materials

We allow children to represent their own ideas, thoughts and imaginations with art and other materials. At Tinkering, they safely use and explore a variety of art and crafts, tools and techniques, experimenting with color, design, texture, form and function.

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Exploring Communities

Children don’t always agree on the same things. But they know about similarities and differences between themselves and others. We help them develop into strong minded individuals in a proactive way, so they recognize nurturing their community while playing, talking or simply reading.